For Parents with Kids

Hello and Welcome!

Children are the building blocks of society.  Here at Little Country Church we strive to help all children build a firm foundation in Christianity.  We hope you will find the following information regarding young people to be helpful.  Please click on any links you might be interested in to get more information on the relevant ministry.

Ministries for Youth are typically Sunday ministries and are true Ministries for young people.  Foundations are being laid that will help these young ones build a strong and structured faith in our Lord.

1.  Lil’ Kountry Kids is overseen by Jeanine Busk and is for the truly young among us, from infant to Kindergarten.

2.  K-Zone is overseen by Holly McIntosh and is for those children in the 1st to 5th grade.

3.  Triumph is overseen by John Yount and is for youth in the 6th to 8th grade.

4.  High Sight is overseen by Chad Putnam and is for young adults in High School.

5.  Haven’s Adult Ministry on Sunday Evening provides Child Ministry for young children who are pre-Kindergarten.

Childcare for Children differs from Ministries in that the children are simply attended to and allowed to play in a safe environment, and is provided for in the following ministries:

1.  Elevate is an exercise class for the ladies.  It takes place Mondays and Thursdays.

2.  Single Moms meets every other Sunday.

3.  Her Bible Study meets on dates that you will find Here.

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