What To Expect

Our Typical Service

We want to leave room for our plans to change, even at the last minute, guided by the Holy Spirit.  That being said, we also believe in doing things with excellence and in order. Our typical order of service for a Sunday morning gathering goes something like this:

The doors are open prior to each service so you can find helpful information, browse our bookstore, or enjoy finding a seat in the worship center.

  • Friendly staff and volunteers open the classrooms for infants through high school, so they have an age-appropriate place to worship and grow in the Lord.
  • Ushers and greeters offer smiles, welcome people at the doors, and offer bulletins to those who want written reminders of what’s going on this week or month at Little Country Church.
  • Those at the doors or at the Information Counter in the main foyer gladly assist in finding classrooms, getting detailed information about upcoming events, or simply to answer your questions.

A typical service includes announcements, time to worship our Lord in song, a message from God’s Word, and an opportunity to give our tithes and offerings to God.

Following the service, if you desire someone to pray with you or you need a Bible, please come to the front of the worship center to meet with pastors, elders, and others who have been called to prayer ministry.

Don’t be in a hurry to leave right after the service – feel free to hang out and fellowship with us!

How to Dress

Most of us dress casually, but some still like to dress it up for church. The average dress is casual to business casual. Our Senior Pastor rarely wears a tie, so wear what you will be comfortable in – we do!


We encourage children to participate in the music portion of our service. However, that may not be practical for younger ages, so nursery care is available during this time, as well as classes through high school. If you wish to worship during the entire service with your kids, we have a room set aside just for you where families can participate in the main service without worrying about their kids disturbing others – just ask one of our ushers, greeters, or staff at the Information Counter in the foyer.

Our Worship Style

Our worship team plays with a contemporary style that emphasizes modern worship songs that you typically hear on Christian radio stations in our area. Worship is not just something we do, it’s who we are. The musical portion of our worship gathering is not treated as a warm up, but rather it is an integral part of how we experience God and community.

Your First Time With Us?

Going to a church meeting for the first time can be scary. But, don’t worry, we try to make our guests comfortable. Relax. You’re among friends.

Our church is comprised of a wide range of worshippers. You’ll notice some people like to stand and clap their hands, while others may sit, kneel, or simply sing along. We encourage participation, but exactly how you choose to participate is up to you.

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