Gabriel and Candace Gwahenye

IMG_1531Serving in Kigoma, Tanzania

Gabriel and Candace Gwahenye have a desire to see godly leaders raised up in Africa in order to further the Kingdom of God and bring positive change to the various spheres of society. They seek to reduce corruption and poverty by raising up a generation who know and fear God. Their ministry focuses on children with HIV, pastoring a church body,building relationships and discourse with Muslims, and hosting pastors and leaders conferences. The Lord has provided them with a large ministry property where they have plans to build: a home for orphans; a primary school; a training school; guest housing; a church and conference center with Bible classes; and to have a ministry center that can reach out in various ways and have great impact for the Kingdom.

Grace Fellowship Church, Kigoma

Donations can be made through Little Country Church in the offering or church office.

Simply write “Kingdom Fellowship” in the memo line of a check or on the envelope.

Contact them at:




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