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People are looking online to find answers about God. 10 years ago, GMO asked, “What if we put the gospel online? Would people care?” Since then, more than 100 million people have not only cared—they’ve believed.


Millions Search for God Online

Every day, millions around the world are seeking spiritual truth through the Internet. Daily, hundreds of thousands encounter the gospel via a GMO evangelistic site. Each person who indicates a decision for Christ (or has more questions) can submit his or her contact information. One of our 7,100+ trained volunteers then sends them a personalized response.


Little Country Church In Partnership With GMO

Since 2012, Little Country Church has been partnering with GMO. Our church community of online witnesses have answered thousands of emails from people in over eighty countries from around the world seeking spiritual growth. You can join this growing force of “Online Missionaries”—people from all walks of life who want to help reach the world.


Visit a GMO Website:

Our Internet seekers will find the 4 Steps to God along with a decision choice on nearly every web page at GMO. They are always given an opportunity to ask questions or discuss discipleship issues with our Online Missionaries.


By Applying to be an Online Missionary with Little Country Church

Paul tells us in Acts 1:8, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Using your own computer in our secure online environment, you’ll share your faith with seekers, or help struggling believers from all over the earth strengthen their walk with God. GMO provides training, tutoring, and resources, to help you minister to seekers of Christ.


The first step is to fill out an application to be an Online Missionary before being accepted into the training program. The application is a safeguard to maintain the Biblical integrity of our Online Missionary program. We are confident you will succeed in applying.


Qualifications to be an Online Missionary


Know the Lord for at least two years and be over 18 years old.

Be responsive to email contacts in 24-48 hours.

Be teachable to learn to share your faith online and pray for your email contacts.

Have reliable access to the internet on a computer and check your email at least every other day.


Who to Contact

Contact Little Country Church, GMO Community Leader Jim Arnold for additional information:

You may click here to email us at

By Donating to Global Media Outreach

We have gospel websites in many languages with volunteers who respond to the emails that come in. Because of the cost-effectiveness of using the Internet to share the gospel, each gospel presentation typically costs only 5 cents a person.

Donate to GMO


By Prayer

For the seekers of Christ who contact an Online Missionary at GMO

For the Online Missionaries who answer emails from seekers all over the earth

For the administrators of GMO who distribute the funds and make decisions to affect millions who might choose Christ every day

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