Short Term: Israel

tiberias05We are excited to be sending our first witness team to partner with Peniel Fellowship and Peniel Learning Center in Tiberias, Israel! Peniel Fellowship is a Messianic, Hebrew-speaking church, and The Peniel Learning Center is a Hebrew-speaking, messianic elementary school. We provide children of local, believing families with an education honoring Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel. The Learning Center is a ministry of Peniel Fellowship, and our goal is to aid families in raising up the next generation of the Body of Messiah in the land.

Our team will be helping with various projects at the church and school: construction, painting, etc. This is also new for Peniel Ministry to have a team come to serve, so we will all be learning together on this pioneer mission.

The team requests prayer for this endeavor–for flexibility, leading of the Holy Spirit, health, team unity, and however else the Spirit leads you to pray!

Below are opportunities to support the team as a whole, or an individual. Thank you!

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