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Opportunities to partner with the local ministry of Youth for Christ Shasta:

Little Country Church and the local “Shasta” chapter of Youth for Christ has partnered in this ministry to the youth of our area for many years and our relationship with YFC Shasta continues to grow as we work towards the goal of reaching these kids with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  It is the YFC Shasta model of ministry that equips local church members such as those attending LCC through training, opportunity and approved curriculum to then administer these YFC Programs to the youth predominantly within the public school system.  YFC Shasta is always in need of volunteers to become a part of these Programs that serve the youth of our area.  Consider as your act of service, to join LCC and YFC Shasta in these ongoing ministry opportunities:


Direct Weekly Ministry with Students:


Campus Life: Campus Life is our after-school program on junior-high campuses.  This year YFC Shasta had the opportunity to provide clubs on 14 campuses throughout the area.  Each team is made up of local youth pastors/leaders and 3-5 volunteer assistants supported by YFC National’s approved curriculum.  The CL clubs run after school, usually between 3:00 P.M. & 5:00 P.M.


School Chaplains:  School Chaplains assist teens, on high school and middle school campuses, who are experiencing various crises in their lives.  They help students make right choices when faced with difficult circumstances or stress-related conflicts.  Sometimes they just sit, listen, and speak hope and encouragement into the lives of these teens.  Chaplains must undergo professional training and screening.


Juvenile Justice:  Juvenile Justice is our weekly outreach to juvenile offenders at the Shasta County Juvenile Hall with exit programs and youth groups to keep those youth from returning.  YFC Shasta has two teams that meet weekly with incarcerated teens for Bible study, prayer and general Q & A about God and a new way to live.


Abstinence Program:  YFC Shasta uses the Heritage Abstinence Program and curriculum to help teens learn about the value of waiting until marriage to have sex.  Middle school students learn the value of respect in relationships as well as the reality and consequences of STDs, and are provided a truly safe alternative to risky sexual behavior that has become so prevalent.  YFC Shasta currently offer these trainings in 3 middle schools districts.


Horse Program:  The YFC Shasta Horse Program began as a one-week annual camp in 1997.  Over the years it grew to three weeks a year in May, and, in 2009, it became a weekly program with at-risk teens from many high schools, middle schools and group homes.  YFC Shasta currently work with 30 to 40 teens a week through our partners at Exodus Farms and Trailhead Ministries, helping youth find their way in life with new hope and encouragement.


Annual Ministry Events with Students:


March Madness 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament:  YFC Shasta’s biggest event of the year provides tournament opportunities, not only for those attending mainstream middle and high schools, but also for those attending continuation school programs such as Oasis and Pioneer.  An encouraging message of God hope and plan is provided at half-time and to the acceptance of many each year.


Winter Camp:  Annual camps are held for middle school students of the public school system and members of our Campus Life Clubs.


Indirect Ministry Opportunities:


Office/Clerical:  YFC Shasta is always in need of help in the area of administrate or “office” functions of the ministry and looking for volunteer secretaries, administrative assistants, filing clerks and other office staff that choose to use their skills for kingdom purposes and right from a desk chair!   Maybe behind the scenes from the public eye, but never the Lords!


Photography/Video:  Connecting with the youth of today does require creativity and the use of media.  YFC Shasta is looking for those with the gift of photography and videography who could record and edit Program events and then edit them for internet use.


Web Management:  The use of the internet is vital to the ongoing work of Youth for Christ Shasta.  As such, they are looking for those with a passion for reaching kids by way of the internet and through the YFC Shasta website which is always in need of “refreshing”.

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