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Our Heart for Online Giving

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of giving to Little Country Church (LCC). As you give to LCC and its ministries, please understand that we are committed to being good stewards of the resources that God has graciously provided us.  Therefore, all donations to LCC are subject to full administrative and accounting control by appropriate staff and Elders as directed by God, spent in furtherance of the church’s mission.

Giving through this online portal is similar to putting your tithes and offerings in the basket passed during our regular services. Your donations to the church and its ministries are tax-deductible. Statements detailing your financial contributions are automatically mailed each year prior to January 31st. However, to provide this opportunity, up to 3% of your gift covers service provider fees.

Our decision to offer online giving is not driven by the desire for more donations, but rather to provide another opportunity to worship our God through giving.  Since many individuals and families in our nation are in bondage to credit card debt, we ask that you use only debit cards or electronic checks for online giving rather than credit cards.

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