Country Christian School and Preschool

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Country Christian School was founded in 1980, as a ministry of Little Country Church. Our reputation includes high academics and excellent preparation for our students that move from the private elementary school program to the public high schools. As a ministry, we are Biblically-based and non-denominational, focusing on the importance of studying and knowing God’s Word.  We desire that all students have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Preschool program for 3’s, 4’s and Pre-Kindergarten is second to none. We are a state licensed facility known for cleanliness, safety and organization. We maintain small classes for an optimal teacher-student ratio. Students who complete this program are well prepared to move into any elementary school.

In grade school and middle school, God is the center of all academic subjects. Students learn the truth of God’s creative power in science classes. In our history classes, they learn the course of events that led to the founding of our country by a truly Christian people. Students become aware of God’s sovereignty in the creation of human governments and find that the foundational elements of our government are based on Christian principles.


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